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Video and Photography at Pix and Mix

Using high end equipment and the latest editing innovations we can produce a wide range of video from educational content, training films, promotional material or corporate, to name a few examples.

All our content is produced and distributed in Full High Definition. You can even supply us with your own material and we will edit it to suite your needs. Do you have any special events on the horizon? if you require digital footage, we are always more than happy to help with any projects.

Video Transfer and Archiving

We transfer most legacy film and video formats into digital. Along with our editing service, we are often able to salvage material from damaged film and video. We also have the ability to transfer and digitally enhance old photographs and documents and print or copy them to CD and DVD.

Photography by Pixie

We have over 20 years worth of experience in fine art, nature and product photography and are based in St Neots near Cambridge. Pixie is an award winning photographer which has been recognised by the Royal Photographic Society from which she received a Licentiateship distinction. She has also exhibited her fine art photography worldwide.

She can can produce high quality photographs for a range of advertising, public events and personal use. Furthermore, if you wish to purchase any of her photography pieces, you can find many photos, fine art and canvas prints for sale throughout the store.

Pixie has a huge portfolio of nature photography including flowers and animals. She enjoys taking photos with a Macro lens as it gives a different perspective to things that you see every day. You will also find a collection of underwater photography that Pixie has taken over the last few years, one of her recent photos of a Sergeant Major Fish has won several awards. She also has a collection of infrared photography that show the world in a different light, a portfolio of people portraits and a portfolio of abstract photography.

You’ll find a huge range of gifts with photography prints in our Photography Gift Shop

For more colourful photography and fractal art, please see Pixie’s Photography Portfolio and YouTube slideshow of Photography.

Photography St Neots