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Graphic design at Pix and Mix

We live in a media saturated world. How can you make your business stand out?

At Pix and Mix out experienced team of Graphic Designers can help your organisation stand out from the rest (…and for the right reasons)! We understand the importance of protecting your brand and providing the best possible experience for your customers. Printed media is often the first and last interaction customers have with organisations. It is therefore vitally important that the design of these items gives the right first impression.

They say the proof is in the pudding? Take a look at what we made earlier.

Why chose Pix and Mix for your next graphic design project:

Bespoke tailor made graphic design

Every Pix and Mix graphic design project, whether it is a business card, logo, poster, brochure or something else entirely, everyone is tailor made to our customer’s needs. We do not use templates or try to fob you off with old projects.

We are only a phone call away

You can ring us at anytime to discuss the progress of your project. We also like to meet have a chat (coffee is on us).

One stop shop

We can provide you with quotes for printing or even organising the printing on your behalf and have it delivered to your address. We can also commission photographers and illustrators on your behalf and help you write the content.